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By Laser Hair Removal and Medical Spas of Ohio
May 18, 2016
Category: Skin Care
Tags: laser hair removal  

For many people, nothing is more exciting than the arrival of the warm summer months, especially after a long winter. Nothing can laser hair removalcompare to the fun and anticipation of long, lazy days spent relaxing with family and friends at the beach, in the park, or sailing on a serene lake. That is, until the reality of having to deal with unwanted hair and stubble sets in.

Laser Hair Removal in Warren

Like thunderstorms and holiday traffic, nothing has the potential to ruin summer plans like the stress and anxiety involved with excess hair removal. Shaving and over the counter wax and depilatories can offer a quick fix in an emergency but often tend to make the problem worse in the long run, producing course stubble, ingrown hairs, rashes, and even chemical burns and allergic reactions in extreme cases. And after all the pain, the hair is back in as little as a week, starting the whole vicious cycle over again.

Laser Hair Removal and Medical Spas in Warren, Ohio offers a lasting solution to one of the most vexing cosmetic issues for both men and women. Lasers use a heat pulse to stunt hair growth in the follicle. Within four to eight sessions, most people will notice significantly diminished hair growth, and none of the side effects associated with traditional hair removal methods, including hair that grows back thicker and coarser. Because everyone's hair and growth patterns are different, the number of sessions necessary to see the best results will vary from client to client. However, a series of anywhere from six to eight treatments during the winter or early spring can generally guarantee a summer season free from razors, wax, and worries about embarrassing hair or rashes!

Medical Spa in Warren, OH

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